pavilion dv5 battery

pavilion dv5 battery
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 My Laptop Do not Boot.

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My Laptop Do not Boot. Empty
PostSubject: My Laptop Do not Boot.   My Laptop Do not Boot. EmptyMon Oct 24, 2011 1:42 pm

This is a common issue which may be experienced by many folks.

The above problem would occur when one these happens:

1. A/C adapter doesn't function

2. Battery fails to operate any more.

3. Internal problem considering the hardware.


Follow the below procedure to unravel the issue:

1. Assess the A/C adapter

(Ensure the fact that the power outlet you are using is in working condition)

Start the A/C adapter related to the notebook.

Detach all the external devices (quick boat dock, surge connector, etc) linked to notebook.

Now, take out the battery from notebook.

Press the power slider or the vitality button for 25 -- 35 seconds to discharge the static charges that might have stored in the particular laptop.

(With the prolonged using of the laptop, some static charges tend in which to stay the laptop and this static charges do not let the laptop to function normally. )

You can now reattach the A/C adapter. (We are running this laptop only on A/C power without having it using the battery)

First start up the laptop.

If the laptop doesn't necessarily turn on now, check the strength LED of the mobile computer.

If the LED is off or you don't have light coming out, then noticeably mostly with the A/C adapter which must have stopped working.

If there is mild or LED is on however if the laptop does not start up, please try removing plus reinstalling the RAM.

This procedure is required to be done safely and slowly.

While checking for the explanation for the problem, use only RAM that was included with your laptop and if you suffer from installed a RAM that you have brought it separately please eliminate it as this will inform us where the exact problem lies since the use of a RAM that is absolutely not compatible with the portable, you may across these version of issues.

Note: To remove RAM or battery within your laptop, follow the steps with the manuals of your mobile computer model as these differs for each model.

2. Checking all the Battery

Again, the procedure remains almost simillar to that of A/C adapter together with only few slight alters

1. Take off this AC Adapter.

2. Disconnecting the external devices linked to notebook.
3. Take out the Battery.

4. Press the strength button for about 26 - 35 seconds to remove any static charges.

5. Reseat the battery (We are generally running the laptop now only considering the battery and not using the A/C adapter in this case)

6. Turn relating to the notebook and check in case it powers up.

Generally if the notebook does not capability on, then the battery may need to be replaced.

3. Testing the harddrive

You may also try removing and reinstalling the drive or insert it around other similar laptop to run a test it as crashed hard drive can be amongst the reasons for the notebook don't turn on.
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My Laptop Do not Boot.
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