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 Berths in Port Ginesta

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PostSubject: Berths in Port Ginesta   Berths in Port Ginesta EmptyTue Nov 08, 2011 3:22 pm

Are you looking for a berth that is not very far from Barcelona? You are in luck because you will find many berths in Port Ginesta, which is located just thirty-five kilometers south west of Barcelona.
As such, you can consider getting a berth in this region if you are looking for a berth in Spain or near Barcelona. It is also not very far from the French border as it is only seventy-five minutes by car. The good thing about this marina is that it is very big and in addition to this, it is also well-managed. Since it is well managed, you do not have anything to worry about.
Of course, one of the most important factors that many yacht owners consider while looking for a berth is safety. Every yacht owner wants to ensure that they are keeping their boat in a place that is safe and secure, a place that does not has a bad record. Many owners often wonder how safe the berths in Port Ginesta are as they are worried about the safety of their yachts. However, no problems have been reported about the safety of the berths yet so you have nothing to fret about regarding this. You will find that there are many shops within the Port Ginesta marina and you will also find many shops alongside the beach. There are many options to choose from.
So if you would like to stay around in the region for a while, then you can consider checking out the shops nearby. You will probably find something or the other to take home with you. You will also find many towns near this marina so if you would like to explore these towns then you can also do that. Another good thing about Port Ginesta is that there are many cafes and restaurants close to this marina and those who are hungry can get something heavy or light.
Many yachts owner prefer to buy berths in Port Ginesta because it is not very far from Barcelona. So if convenience of location is what you are looking for, you can consider getting one of the berths here. Also referred to as Puerto de Castelldefels, Port Ginesta is a marina that is situated on the Costa Dorada. You will find that entering this marina is not difficult at all and once you keep your yacht on the berth, you can relax and not worry about its safety.
The entrance is quite wide and as such, there is plenty of space to maneuver your yacht or boat. If you are planning to be in the region with your yacht and you wish to get a berth for this purpose, then it is recommended that you give a call to the marina before hand so that they can keep a berth for you. This is important and a must especially during the summer months as Port Ginesta is during these months. The berths are high in demand also because of the fact that this is a popular marina.
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Berths in Port Ginesta
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