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pavilion dv5 battery
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 3g Laptop Card, Great For Data On The Move

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3g Laptop Card, Great For Data On The Move Empty
PostSubject: 3g Laptop Card, Great For Data On The Move   3g Laptop Card, Great For Data On The Move EmptyThu Nov 10, 2011 3:50 pm

For business users who want to access the Internet through their lap top computer on the go, the use of WiFi hot spots is not always the most reliable option, so in order to guarantee high speed internet access anywhere, getting a 3G data card is often the best option, and allows for practically instant connection to the web wherever you are.

All of the major mobile phone networks offer a subscription 3G data card that will plug into the standard PCMCIA card slot that is available on most lap top computers. Setting up your internet access through a data card is as easy as 1-2-3, and allows you to enjoy very high speed internet access of up to 1.4mbps depending on the network strength wherever you are.

Unlike using your mobile phone as an interface to connect to the internet, a 3G data card will give you simple access, and because it can be plugged straight into the computer, you do not need to worry about having the right cables with you.

The great thing about using a PCMCIA data card rather than a wireless connection is that you will be guaranteed a service at all times, and will not have to worry about the price of the connection at a hot spot. You simply pay a monthly fee for the data service, or alternatively, simply put your SIM card into the data card whenever you need it.

An alternative to the Data Card is a USB modem. Many smaller lap top computers in the notebook range do not have a PCMCIA card slot as standard, and so are incompatible with a data card. In such cases, a 3G USB modem is the only option available, and the quality of the connection is just as good as at home.

The need to keep in touch at all times is more important than ever in the modern world, and being able to access your emails and the internet is vital in maintaining a competitive edge in the modern business world. By having 3G access to the web through your lap top by using a network enabled data card or USB modem, you can guarantee that you will be able to access the internet wherever you are without any problems.

The latest 3G Data cards offer very high speed connections to the internet, and thanks to the very low price of data calls on 3G networks, cost a fraction of the price of a WiFi hotspot, making them a cost effective business tool.

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3g Laptop Card, Great For Data On The Move
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