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 How to Learn Keyboard

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How to Learn Keyboard Empty
PostSubject: How to Learn Keyboard   How to Learn Keyboard EmptySun Nov 13, 2011 4:18 pm

Are you thinking on how to learn the keyboard? Yes, that is a question that most people ask. To start, you need to find a learning method that will be perfect for you. When I began to learn playing the keyboard, I would just turn on the radio; listen to a song and grasp some melodies that I could take notice of. Some songs are simple, some are hard. And this I tell you is a good starting point that’s for free. Another method is the usual type that is learning through a keyboard instructor. I used to have two instructors before and they have various styles of playing the keyboard. What you need to do is find a teacher that will suit your type of music like country, gospel, pop or jazz, etc and also your budget. After learning from those instructors, I began to learn the keyboard on my own. I made use of the accessible courses online and others that I found are for free and that what made me a better keyboard player since then.
Practice slowly, do not hurry. Yes, that is the best saying to put in mind when practicing on the piano keyboard. Definitely, you will learn very quickly but it is not fit to do so. If you want to be the best keyboard player that you can be, then you have to practice patiently and constantly. As what we have heard from the saying that constant practice makes perfect, which is really true so apply it. It is better to master the techniques in a slow but sure manner compared to learning quickly but you are having doubts if you have really learned it properly. It maybe irritating at times to slow down when you are too eager to move up to the next level, but then you have to take time to learn.
Make use of the Guide Books
If you want to make advancement on your own, make use of the guide books. You can be able to do well on your own once you have mastered the basics. If you are a student and you still go to school, you can find many keyboard guide books on the library. You will be able to know different ways and techniques of keyboard playing. Plus, you can have it for free since it is just in the library. Do not try getting all the information at one sitting. This can be very tiring. List the things that you want to know and set a schedule of practice weekly for you to minimize taking all the details at once. Just look at one book at time. This will help you how to read the notes which will enable you to play anything that has music on it.
Make us of the Internet Websites
Lastly, it is practical to make use of the different internet websites that offer amazing keyboard courses. However, you just need to be cautious not to be misled of purchasing the details that you can research in the library. You can get some info for free on the different sites. You Tube, Google and other sites will let you view some lessons for free and it is really useful. You can get to see many keyboard playing styles and exercises.
Remember that the best way to keep on learning is through proper practice and dedication.
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How to Learn Keyboard
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